Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How to Create a Simple, Sexy Steampunk Look

How to create a simple, sexy, quick and easy steampunk costume or outfit for a woman. Steampunk fashion tutorial/DIY for women/females
Here is cosplayer Krash Cosplay in a simple and sexy outfit, reminiscent of the SteamGirl Burlesque costume we love. This is an easy outfit to build upon (you probably already own a few key pieces), but don't forget to add in some personality and character of your own to make it unique.

Double layer two skirts (remember that tip?), hiking up the front in the popular High-Low style. Hiker upper straps are an easy, no-sew way to keep the front hitched up and showing some leg. A basic tank or crop top can be topped with a leather harness or a corset.

Tall lace up boots add a Victorian vibe, while a studded belt and fingerless gloves toughen things up. Goggles complete the look (of course)!

Cosplayer: Krash Cosplay
Photographer: Grant Brummett

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