We've compiled a list of the best Steampunk cosplay tutorials and DIY guides from around the web. Learn to make a bustle skirt from a window panel, turn a shirt into a waistcoat, or transform trash into the ultimate Steampunk ray gun. Every tutorial is free, and new tutorials are added all the time.

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Tips & Techniques

Materials - From pipes to metal flashing and faucet connectors, the 28 most popular Steampunk parts and materials you can find at your local hardware store. (via wonderhowto.com)
Tools - From a ruffle foot for your sewing machine, to a beveler for leatherworking, this is a comprehensive list of helpful tools for your Steampunk workshop. (via wonderhowto.com)
Kit Bashing & Greebling - These prop making terms refer to cannibalizing parts from model kits, and using tiny parts and junk to make something look more complex (respectively). Here's a guide to doing both of these things to take your Steampunk weapons and props to the next level. (via wonderhowto.com)
Thrifting - A guide to shopping for Steampunk clothing and prop materials at thrift stores. (via wonderhowto.com)

Leatherworking - A beginner's guide to leatherworking, written by a Steampunk. Learn every step, from cutting and stamping, to dying and stitching. Part 2 of the guide is here. (via wonderhowto.com)

Spray Painting - How to use spray paint to make almost anything look like metal. (via wonderhowto.com)

Rub 'n Buff Wax - How to use Rub 'n Buff wax to make almost anything look like metal. (via wonderhowto.com)

how to make pvc plastic pipe look like wood
Make PVC Look Like Wood - A smart, easy way to make PVC plastic look like wood. (via instructables.com)

Paint Effects & Finishes - Great tutorial on using different paint effects and finishes to modify a nerf or other toy gun. (via girlygamer.com.au)

Dry Brushing Technique (part 1) - How to dry brush light paint over a dark base to get a metallic effect, for use on weapons and other props. (via girlygamer.com.au)

Wet Brushing Technique (part 2) - How to wet brush dark paint over a light base to get a different metallic effect, for use on weapons and other props. (via girlygamer.com.au)

Faux Leather - How to use acrylic paint to turn cotton fabric into something that looks and feels like leather. Read additional tips in the comments below the tutorial. (via bijouscosplay.deviantart.com)

how to tea dye fabric
Tea Dying - How to dye fabric with tea. This only works on natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen, and silk. It will not work on polyester or other synthetic fabrics. (via kitty-ears.com)


Historical Clothing Patterns - Free downloadable Victorian and Edwardian clothing patterns reproduced from original period patterns in English, French and American publications of the 19th and early 20th centuries. (via tudorlinks.com)

Corset - How to make an underbust corset. Includes pattern, instructions, and resources for buying fabric and supplies. This construction uses spiral steel or spring steel boning. Sewing required. (via instructables.com)

Wire Bustle - How to make a collapsible wire bustle using coat hangers. (via motleymaker.blogspot.com)

Bustle Pad - How to make a bustle pad (i.e. pillow), and why you should. Includes comparison images of a skirt with and without a bustle pad. Some sewing required. (via steamingenious.com)

Bustle Pad - How to make a no-sew bustle pad using an old purse. (via makingmakesmylife.blogspot.co.nz)

how to make a lobster tail bustle
Lobster Tail Bustle - How to make a Victorian 'lobster tail' style bustle. The way the half hoops of the caging are tied together is very clever. Sewing required. (via americanduchess.blogspot.fi)

how to make a half cage bustle
Half Cage Bustle - How to make a decorative half cage bustle using thick paper and attaching it to a belt via metal hinge. This is made of paper and should be worn as outerwear, not as an undergarment. (via mitz-chan.deviantart.com)

Flounced Petticoat/Tiered Skirt - How to make a traditional Victorian flounced petticoat. Scroll 2/3 down the page to see the instructions for the Steampunk style tiered skirt. Sewing required. (via adamselindisdress.com)

Bustle Skirt - How to make a bustle skirt from a window panel by sewing in ribbon and drapery rings. Some sewing required. (via steamingenious.com)

Bustle Skirt - Brilliant method to turn any long skirt into a bustle skirt using curtain tape. Some sewing required. (via instructables.com)

https://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/burlesque-bustle-skirtBustle Skirt - How to make a short skirt with a high-low hem and bustle in the back. Perfect for Steampunk showgirls & burlesque dancers. Sewing required. (via cutoutandkeep.net)

Bustle Skirt - How to make a showgirl style bustle skirt (with an open front). Use one of your own long skirts to make a pattern. Sewing required. (via goldenlasso.net)

how to make a victorian bustle skirt with long train
Bustle Skirt with Train - How to make a beautiful Victorian bustle skirt with a train. Sewing required. (via bonesandlilies.blogspot.com)

Hitched Skirt - How to turn a dress into a Steampunk style skirt with skirt hitches made from split rings and lobster claw hooks. Sewing required. (via indietutes.blogspot.ca)

Bloomers - How to make bloomers (of any length), including pattern and instructions. Sewing required. (via antipope.org)

Knickers - How to turn a pair of thrift store pants into knickers. Some sewing required. (via sempstress.org)

Waistcoat/Vest - How to make a vest or waistcoat from an old button up shirt. Some sewing required. (via autnott.deviantart.com)

Cravat/Ascot Tie - How to make a Victorian cravat or ascot tie. Includes links to alternate ways of tying cravats. Some sewing required. (via steamingenious.com)

how to make a jabot
Jabot - This is a tutorial on how to make a modern jabot (ruffle for the front of a blouse) out of felt, but you can use many other materials for a more steampunky look. Some sewing required. (via honestlywtf.com)

Bolero Jacket - How to turn an old thrift store jacket into a Steampunk bolero jacket (and optional underbust corset). Sewing required. (via cnbeyer.com)

Tailcoat - How to convert an ordinary suit coat into a tailcoat. Sewing optional. (via tor.com)


Utility Belt - How to turn a thrift store purse and belt into a stylish utility belt. (via susandennard.com)

Molded Leather Holster - Turn a power drill holster from the hardware store into a holster perfectly molded to the shape of your gun. Instructions for oaking, molding, and dying. (via ggaub.com)

Leather Harness - How to make a harness from leather strips (you can even use old belts). (via operationoverhaul.com)

how to make a harness out of leather belts
Leather Harness - How to make a leather harness out of old belts. This blog is written in Russian but the photos and diagrams are easy to understand. If you still need instructions in English, view the link using Google Translate. (via garterblog.ru)

how to make a finger cuff gadget
Finger Cuff - The author of this tutorial calls it a finger gun, but it's more like Steampunk finger gadget. Learn to make one from a plastic milk jug, paint, and parts/junk from around the house. (via hollyhaven.deviantart.com)

how to make a leather cuff from an old belt
Leather Cuff - An easy way to make leather cuffs from old belts. (via makeit-loveit.com)

Gauntlet - How to make an articulated gauntlet from an old glove and Worbla thermoplastics. (via qunaributts.tumblr.com)

Mechanical Hand - How to make a working mechanical hand using wood and guitar strings. (via instructables.com)


Wings - Articulated wooden Icarus-style wings for an aviator costume. Made with pulleys and twine, attached via harness made from old belts. (via imgur.com)
Wings - Articulated wooden wings that open via a pulley system made out of wood and light switch pull cords. Worn via harness made from belts. (via yazzzle.deviantart.com)

Wings - How to make the framework for large articulated wings that open and close as your raise and lower your arms, using balsa wood and an old frame backpack. (via instructables.com)
Wings - How to make "clockwork wings" using the insides of an old clock and faux leather. (via demorafairy.deviantart.com)

Wearable Phone/ipod Case - Make a Steampunk case for your mp3 player (or tablet, phone, etc.). Can be attached via armband or hung by D ring to belt loop, corset strap, etc. Some sewing required. (via instructables.com)

how to turn an umbrella into a lace parasol
Umbrella into Parasol - How to use lace to turn an old umbrella into a Victorian style parasol. (via facebook.com/DebsArtCraft)

How to recover a parasol
Recovered Parasol - If you've found a lovely antique parasol but hate the fabric, don't despair! Use this tutorial to recover it in fabric of your choosing. (via steamingenious.com)



Upcycled Top Hat - How to turn a thrift store cowboy hat into a top hat. No sewing required. (via mieljolie.blogspot.com)

Leather Top Hat - How to make a leather top hat, including dying the leather. Some sewing required. (via instructables.com)

Leather Top Hat - How to make a leather top hat. Some sewing required. (via instructables.com)
Leather Top Hat - How to make a leather top hat, from master leather worker Tom Banwell. Some sewing required. (via tombanwell.blogspot.ca)

Hat Band - How to make a brass hat band with working plasma disc (Sir Corvus' Electro Refractive Top Hat). (via instructables.com)

Leather Plague Doctor's Hat - How to make a leather plague doctor's hat, from master leather worker Tom Banwell. Some sewing required. (via tombanwell.blogspot.ca)

Mini Tricorn Hat - How to make a mini pirate tricorn hat. Includes free pattern. Some sewing required. (via fleecefun.com)


Upcycled Goggles - How to turn a pair of cheap plastic goggles into luxury goggles using leather and various craft supplies. (via instructables.com)

Upcycled Goggles - A simple, easy tutorial on how to upcycle a pair of cheap rubber welding goggles using paint and paint pens. (via instructables.com)

Upcycled Goggles - How to turn a pair of cheap plastic goggles into light up goggles using LEDs. (via instructables.com)

Goggles - How to make a pair of goggles out of an empty plastic tube/bottle. Some sewing required. (via instructables.com)

Goggles - How to make a pair of goggles using the rings from mason jar lids, capnuts, and other materials. Some sewing required. (via fenrisdesigns.com)

Goggles - How to make a pair of goggles from magnetic spice rack lids and old belts. (via raegar.deviantart.com)

Goggles - How to make goggles out of frozen OJ containers (includes list of alternatives if these aren't sold in your country), & dollar store junk. Scroll down to the "reader gallery" for more ideas. (via darrenwashere.com)


Half Mask - How to make a Steampunk Phantom of the Opera style half mask. (via instructables.com)

Plague Doctor Mask - How to make a plague doctor mask from paper mache and styrofoam. (via imgur.com)

Rabbit Mask - How to make this steampunk white rabbit (from Alice in Wonderland) mask out of leather. You can use these instructions as a guide to make other kinds of leather masks too. (via epbot.com)

Leather Helmet - Master leather worker Tom Banwell walks you through the making of his leather underground explorer helmet. (via tombanwell.blogspot.ca)


Gun - How to make a unique Steampunk pistol from a cheap plastic flutophone and a toy gun. (via instructables.com)
Gun - How to make a ray gun that shoots real fire, using a $10 torch lighter and lamp parts. (via makezine.com)

Gun - How to turn a cheap water gun and a finger light into a light-up steampunk pistol. (viasteamart.wordpress.com)

Gun - How to turn cheap toy guns into cool Steampunk weapons using dollar store junk like plastic flower vases, toilet brush holders, and some paint. (via steampunkmonsters.com)

Gun - Not so much a tutorial as a 'before and after' photo that shows how someone turned household junk into a cool Steampunk ray gun. Be inspired to create your own, while ridding your house of junk. (via instructables.com)

Gun - How to make a Steampunk ray gun out of junk like a plastic cup, soda bottle, and glue gun. (via girlygamer.com.au)

Gun - How to make a Steampunk ray gun out of a kid's bubble blower, a wiffle ball, and a screwdriver. (via bllacksheep.deviantart.com)
Hand Cannon - How to build a "hand cannon" gun out of wood and a piece of PVC pipe. (via wonderhowto.com)
Gatling Gun - How to make a working CO2 gatling gun using a fire extinguisher. Soldering required. (via makezine.com)


Cane - How to make a light up copper cane using LEDs, a door knob, and copper plumbing pipe. (via epbot.com)

Sonic Screwdriver - How to make a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver that lights up and vibrates using LEDs, a dollar store electric toothbrush, and plumbing hardware. Soldering required. (via makezine.com)
Bullets - Is your bandolier looking a little empty? Fill it with these cool Steampunk bullets made from pens, beads and other junk. (via mieljolie.blogspot.com)

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Fashion Guide - Understand the elements of Steampunk fashion and learn to put together your own costume

Recreate This Look - How to recreate popular Steampunk outfits and costumes

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