Thursday, May 12, 2016

I WANT IT! Skirt Hiker Upper Straps

Have I waxed poetic on the transformative powers of 'skirt hikes'? Not as an activity, but as a fashion accessory.

You may have heard them called Skirt Hitches, but whatever the name, they are magical. Use them to hike up your skirt in the front for a sexy burlesque look (like this one), or to lift an overskirt to reveal colorful petticoats underneath. It's a great way to get several different looks out of one long or mid-length skirt. They come in black or white, and they're adjustable, so you can hike your skirt up as high as you like.

And best of all, this Set of 2 Hiker Upper Straps is on sale for $2.95 at I want it.

steampunk skirt hikers/skirt hitches/skirt hikes to raise the hem of your skirt

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