Friday, May 12, 2017

Steampunk Mario and Princess Peach Cosplay

Steampunk video game couples costume idea: steampunk mario and steampunk princess peach. gamer steampunk costumes
Woman dresssed as Steampunk Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros video games. Gamer costume ideas for women.
Man dressed as Steampunk Super Mario from the Super Mario Brothers video games. Steampunk gamer costume ideas for men
Here's an awesome steampunked video game cosplay we haven't seen before: Mario and Princess Peach! We also love the reason they decided to go Steampunk:

"We were looking for cosplay ideas, and I said Mario and Princess Peach, and she said "I will not dress as a Princess" and so we became steampunk."
The details really make the outfits here. Notice the cute metal crown at a jaunty tilt on Peach's head. Her lace necklace mimics the neckline of Peach's dress, and includes her iconic blue brooch. The white paper parasol makes an excellent, less-girly version of Peach's magical parasol, Perry. 

Mario's red felt bowler hat is decorated with a white feather, a metal 'M' and gears. He carries a copper plunger and throws the occasional homemade LED fireball.

Cosplayers: CTRexPope and girlfriend at New York Comic Con 2016

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