Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sexy & Sophisticated Neo-Victorian Style

This beautiful neo-victorian outfit blends modern and traditional styles. The blouse's high neck collar is reminiscent of Victorian fashion, while the sheer material keeps it sexy and modern. The skirt is a classic mermaid/fishtail silhouette (very popular during the Victorian era), banded at the knees like a hobble skirt. Accessories, like the black hat and feather wrist cuffs, add some extra character to complete the look. To learn more about skirt styles used in Steampunk fashion, visit our Skirt & Dress Guide.

Neo-Victorian Steampunk fashion. How to dress in victorian style but keep it sexy and modern. Mermaid/fishtail skirt, sheer high neck blouse, hat, feather wrist cuffs.


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