Monday, July 4, 2016

I WANT IT! Steampunk Oxford Ankle Boots

I love wearing super high heels, but I've had my fair share of embarrassing falls (I blame it on weak ankles/uneven pavement/the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol). Luckily cocktails help cushion the fall, as well as the ego. So these days, when I see a pair of heels I want that are taller than 4 inches, I really have to ask myself, "how good will these look when I'm sprawled on the floor?"

With a 1.5" platform and 6" metal heel, these Oxford Ankle Boots are dangerous. They're also hot as hell, and a great way to add a little Steampunk style to your outfit without looking like you're on your way to Dragon Con.

In black or brown, standing or sprawled on the ground--I don't care. I want it! Oxford Ankle Boots by Hades

Women's steampunk shoes. These steampunk ankle boots come in black or brown. Made by hades. These women's steampunk oxford ankle boots are made by Hades. They come in brown or black.
women's steampunk heels. oxford ankle boot with metal heel and gears. Made by Hades footwear. Women's Steampunk shoes. These Steampunk Oxford Ankle Booties have a metal heel with gears. Made by Hades Footwear

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