Showgirl Skirts

The Showgirl skirt wraps only part way around a woman's waist (1/3 to 3/4 of the way around), leaving an open front that shows off her bare legs. The skirt hem is designed to frame and showcase the woman's legs, while the long skirt retains the drama and elegance of a gown. It's no surprise that this skirt is popular with burlesque dancers and, like its namesake, showgirls. It originated in Folies Bergere, a Paris cabaret during the Belle Epoch era of the 1890s, and later, the Ziegfed Follies in the US. The showgirl skirt is often worn in Steampunk Burlesque or Cabaret cosplay, worn over lingerie or a mini skirt.

Victorian era Showgirl style skirt or dress is open in the front and popular in Steampunk burlesque and cabaret costumes The Showgirl Skirt comes from the Victorian era cabaret shows. It's popular in Steampunk clothing, especially burlesque costumes.
Female steampunk costume/clothing inspiration. Black showgirl skirt with green corset.
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