Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I WANT IT! The Coolest Steampunk Monocles on Etsy

Goggles are ubiquitous in Steampunk cosplay, so today I'd like to celebrate their smaller, cheekier little brother: the monocle.

I know what you're thinking-- monocles are for the old, rich and evil: the Penguin, the Monopoly Man, that smug asshole Mr. Peanut! And you're right (especially about Mr. Peanut). They've been co-opted by old men and villains for far too long.

The truth is that monocles, when used properly, are like the sexy wink of eyewear-- while one eye is playing it cool, the other eye is up to something else entirely. You can adapt them for the needs of your Steampunk character, whether that's examining something through a magnified lens, or more specialized visual utilities like night vision, a targeted scope, or the ability to detect supernatural disturbances.

It's worth noting that some people refer to these as "monogoggles" (which makes sense if you only care about protecting one eye), but you'll find far more search results on Etsy and other search engines using the term "monocle".

These classy monocles by AtticRaiders have a pinch-on nose bridge that keeps them balanced perfectly on your face (check out their pinch-on sunglasses, too). They come in a variety of lens colors, and your choice of chain ending--choose whether the chain attaches to your ear via ear cuff, or your shirt via collar pin:

steampunk monocles for one eye that stay pinched on the nose, no strap needed. steampunk glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses and monogoggles for cosplay and costumes steampunk monocles for one eye that stay pinched on the nose, no strap needed. steampunk glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses and monogoggles for cosplay and costumes

BronzeSmith's delicate, sculptural designs are so beautiful, it's no wonder they were asked to make custom pieces for Cirque du Soleil. The Octopus Monocle and Articulated Monocle below (the smaller lens moves independently of the larger one) are just two examples of the gorgeous metalwork you'll find in this store:

Metal octopus steampunk monocle in brass with a clear glass lens. monocle/monogoggle/jewelry/metal mask for one eye Brass metal steampunk monocle with articulated magnifying lens that opens and closes. Steampunk metal mask or eyepatch

I love the copper and brass mesh cups of TimeKeepersEmporium's monocles (and the fact that they call them "monoggles"). Choose from a variety of lens colors:

Steampunk brass mesh and leather monocle/monogoggle with red colored lens with image/diagram on it Steampunk monocle with copper metal eyecup, leather strap and red color lens for cosplay and costumes

There's something sexy about the leather and brass monocles from SteampunkDesign. The Iris Aperture model has a real brass iris aperture shutter that opens and closes when you move the lever. The loupe lens model has two moveable jeweler's magnifying lenses. All models come with both clear and colored lenses:

Leather and brass metal steampunk monocle with working brass iris aperture lens like a camera with open and close shutter lever, for costume and cosplay Steampunk moocle made of brass metal and leather with 2 magnifying loupe lenses (jeweler lenses) for costumes and cosplay

SAnomalous makes the most amazing latex monocles that can be attached via strap, chain or glued directly to your face:

Cool steampunk monocles/monoggles made from latex of a skeleton hand holding the monocle to your face. for steampunk and gothic costume and cosplay Latex steampunk monocle/monogoggle designed to look like a copper or brass gear/cog/deep sea for costume and cosplay
Stone green colored steampunk monocle/monogoggle of Cthulhu/deep sea creature for steampunk costumes and cosplay Steampunk monocle/monogoggle that looks like a brass, copper, or gold lion holding a lens. steampunk costumes and cosplay accessories

If I buy one of each of the above, I'd have 12 monocles (and massive credit card debt). Even at my busiest, I don't think I'd ever get to show them all off unless I started doubling up-- one monocle on each eye. Of course, that would still leave me with 10 pieces I couldn't show off. Obviously my only choice is to wear the remaining monocles in 5 rows of 2 across my body, like a nursing cat with 10 monocle nipples...mononipples...monipples.

Whatever, I want them all. Steampunk Monocles from Etsy

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