Friday, September 22, 2017

I WANT IT! Steampunk Contact Lenses

So you've put together a steampunk costume and you think you've covered all the details-- your nerf gun is painted, your belt has a holster for every accessory, your pocket watch hangs just right, you've even glued gears to your face, but wait-- something's missing.

Have you steampunk'd your eyeballs?

Oh, sure. Scoff. But as you stand there dressed head to toe in the Victorian clothing you painstakingly handsewed, just know that your stupid eyes are ruining the whole outfit. There, I said it.

For cosplayers a bit more detail oriented, there are Steampunk contact lenses! These White Tick Tock contacts (also sold here) look like a roman numeral clock. If the eyes are the window to the soul, this soul says, "It's approximately 3:37."

Black and white clock contact lenses with roman numeral numbers, steampunk contacts

These Black & White Steelyard contacts are designed to look like cogwheels, for a look that says, "I glue gears on everything."

Black and white steampunk contact lenses that look like a gear or cogwheel. steampunk contacts for men and women

All jokes aside, they look pretty awesome in person.

woman wearing steampunk makeup with clockwork contact lenses (clocks with roman numerals) in black and white Girl wearing black and white clock contact lenses with roman numeral numbers. steampunk contacts

For a more gothic look, I love these:

Black and white special fx contact lenses for halloween and cosplay with a raven bird (crow) called Nevermore from edgar allen poe black and white contact lenses of skulls for halloween costumes or cosplay for gothic or goth or steampunk costumes

So whether you choose clocks or gears, ravens or skulls, just stop half-assing your cosplay and get those boring eyeballs covered! And send me a pair of the gear contacts, because I want it! Contact Lenses via EMP, CamoEyes & 

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