Friday, August 18, 2017

Nautical Steampunk Fashion

woman in nautical steampunk skirt and blouse; sailing costume
Man wearing sailor costume with goggles and steampunk gun. men's steampunk fashon and clothing
Woman dressed in blue and white nautical steampunk dress and coat, with gloves and hat. women's steampunk fashion and clothing
We've posted about Tyson Vick's book A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters here before, and today's photos are another peek at what makes it so great. These are from Chapter 8, which involves the battle of a monster at sea, thus the awesome nautical costumes. For each chapter, Tyson provides a post full of behind the scenes information, photos, and (best of all) tutorials! Learn more about these costumes, including how Tyson made Philomena's squid hat pin (top photo) and Brunhilde's hat (bottom photo), here.

Tyson sells some of the book's costume pieces (along with other clothing, like these awesome billowy sleeved men's shirts) in his etsy shop, One Delightful Day. You can check out A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters for free online, or purchase it in print here. If you love Tyson's work (trust us, you will), and want to support and encourage his creative endeavors, check him out on Patreon.

Model, top: Brin Merkley as Philomena Dashwood
Model, middle: Bowen Kinsey as Cyprien
Model, bottom: Lizzie Hatfield as Brunhilde Bamfield
Author/Costumer/Photographer: Tyson Vick

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