Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to Recreate This Look: Wild West Steampunk

Woman wearing western cowboy/cowgirl clothing in the style of the wild wild west steampunk genre (aka weird west sci fi). Corset, hat, boots, pants, blouse, gun.
Cosplayer: Amy Wilder / Photographer: Jimmy De Photography

Do you want to recreate this look? We love the mix of black and brown leather, and her badass Steampunk Cowgirl vibe! Luckily recreating it is easier than you think. You probably already have a plain white button up shirt in your closet. Pair it with tight-fitting jeans or other pants--you can even wear leggings. If your closet's no help, try this simple white button down shirt, or keep your shirt looking cleanly tucked in with this bodysuit blouse. We like these jeggings-fit skinny pants in dark mustard (or rust) or these high waisted skinny jeans in gold or camel.

If you already own some knee-high black boots, or any western style boots, see how those look. Otherwise, we love these Buckle Slouch Boots (also sold here), these Top Moda Boots with a lace up back, and these Rocket Dog Cowgirl boots.

Amy's corset was made by Brute Force Studios and is for sale here. If you're looking for something cheaper, here's a similar corset on Amazon. Browse more styles in the underbust corset section of our corset guide.

You can pick up Amy's genuine leather hip bag from JungleTribe's etsy shop here. You can also get a cheaper knockoff like the Steel Master hip bag, but don't forget that you get what you pay for-- they may say they're "genuine leather" but at that price point, they are a cheaply made leather-like plastic that won't last as long as the real one from JungleTribe.

This cowgirl has a sexy steampunk vibe, so ditch the traditional cowboy hat for one made of leather. We like this Down Under Leather Hat, BC Australian Leather hat, or the Sterkowski Cattle Cowboy hat from amazon. You should also check out the selection of leather cowboy hats on etsy

Amy's leather choker and matching arm cuffs (sometimes called an upper arm/bicep cuff) are from BruteForceStudios, but unfortunately they weren't available when this post was written. Luckily there are a lot of other options on Etsy, like the ones from MyFunkyCamelot and LongShotLeather.

Finally, the pièce de résistance: the gun! Sure, you can search Etsy for steampunk rifles (we've seen some cool ones from LucidVisionPropShop, DarkHaunt, SteampunkTakeover, and WulfgarWeapons), but isn't it more fun to make your own? Head on over to our tutorials page, where we've compiled links to all the best steampunk tutorials. In addition to the weapons section, make sure you also check out tips & techniques.
steampunk wild wild west/ western steampunk cowgirl costume tutorial. how to make a steampunk rifle
For more guides like this, check out Recreate This Look. If you need shopping resources, visit the Where to Shop page.

Cosplayer: Amy Wilder
Photographer: Jimmy De Photography

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