Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Temporal Constabulary

Man dressed as a Steampunk Bobby/Time Travel Police from Victorian era London. Police uniform with custodian helmet with emblem, hourglass, clocks, watches
At first glance we thought this was a photo of a cheerful Steampunk bobby, an apropos character choice given that Sir Robert Peel's London police force was created just 8 years before the Victorian era began. But on closer inspection, we noticed something more sinister. Notice the various time-keeping devices on his belt, including an hourglass. His hat, known as a custodian helmet, bears the emblem of a clock with wings, and the words "Temporal Constabulary." This is no run of the mill British bobby strolling the area to keep the peace. This is a member of the Time Police. 

Time travelers, you've been warned.

Cosplayer: Lieut John Ash
Photographer: Derick Tortorella

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