Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Victorian Costumes from 'Ripper Street'

The BBC's drama 'Ripper Street' is a wealth of Victorian fashion inspiration. Set in 1889 London, this series follows the aftermath of Jack the Ripper's murder spree. The costumes are both beautiful and historically accurate. Here are some of our favorites:

Women's Victorian costume. Purple dress/skirt with fitted jacket, hat, fishnet gloves. Women's Steampunk clothing.
Men's Victorian cothing. Plaid suit, shirt, tie, waistcoat, jacket, pants and bowler hat. Men's steampunk clothing.
Women's Victorian Costumes. Historically accurate Victorian day dress - pink skirt with matching bodice. Women's Steampunk clothing
Men's Victorian Era Fashion. Plaid pants, teal jacket, teal waistcoat, hat. Men's Steampunk clothing.
Women's Victorian Era Clothing. Orange hat, orange and brown bodice, matching skirt, lace gloves. Women's steampunk clothing.
Men's Victorian Era Clothing. Historically Accurate. Brown plaid jacket, checked waistcoat, ascot/cravat, hat, pants, gloves and cane. men's steampunk clothing.
Women's Victorian Era Clothing. This costume is a day dress in white with plaid overcoat. Hat, gloves and parasol. Women's Steampunk costumes and clothing.

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