Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I WANT IT! Goggles With Aperture Shutters

Have you ever seen a pair of goggles so beautiful, it made you tear up? And then your friend noticed your watery eyes and asked what was wrong? And you were too embarrassed to admit you were teary over goggles, so you lied and said you just read something sad? And then she looked over your shoulder and saw a screen full of goggles? Yeah, me either.

In completely unrelated news, here are some goggles from Etsy shop SteampunkDesign that I love (a completely normal and healthy amount). Nothing to get emotional about! Except maybe this brass and leather pair with dual brass iris aperture shutters:

steampunk goggles that are wearable works of art. lenses have brass aperture shutters from cameras. Leather strap.

See that little lever next to the lens? Use it to smoothly open and close the shutter like a camera lens (check out this youtube clip of it in action). The shop includes a hex/allen wrench so you can remove the front screws and pop in different colored lenses (clear, red, and blue are included).

Need goggles that do even more? How about a telescope in one eye, aperture in the other eye? Or aperture in one eye, dual magnifier in the other:

Steampunk goggles with telescopic lens in one eye (telescope) and camera aperture shutter lens in the other. Made of brass and leather. Steampunk goggles with magnifying lenses (dual magnifiers) and camera aperture shutter lens made of brass. Made of steel brass and leather

The telescope can be removed and replaced with normal lenses (included), but why would you want to do that? Bonus: they look damn sexy when worn on a hat:

Steampunk goggles worn on top hat. Goggles have one lens that is a telescope, one lens that is a brass aperture shutter from a camera.

If your goggle needs are more singular, try this monocle with brass iris aperture:

Steampunk monocle or cyclops goggle (eyepatch) made of brass and leather with a brass aperture shutter from a camera.

If you're looking for a cheap throwaway pair of goggles, these are not for you. They're more like wearable works of art. And art is supposed to illicit an emotional response. So if I cried (allegedly), it's only because I'm moved by art. And I want it. SteampunkDesign on Etsy

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