Monday, November 14, 2016

How to Recreate This Look: Steampunk Vampire Slayer

Learn how to recreate this look: Woman dressed as a steampunk vampire slayer. her costume consists of a blouse, leggings with cutouts, underbust corset, belt, boots and crossbow. Her color palette is white, brown and black.
Cosplayer: Alexia Lovecraft / Photographer: Jose Fabri

Do you want to recreate this look? Your first stop should be your own closet. Any white button up shirt will work here, as will most wide leather belts. If you don't have white blouse, we like the pleated bust on this white tunic, and the lace insets on the sleeves of this Victorian style blouse. This braided brown belt or this simpler version look very similar to the belt in the photo.

Alexia's brown striped corset has attached straps, which makes it look sportier than the traditional underbust corset--very important when you're running around slaying vampires. It's actually similar to a vest, which makes it more comfortable to wear, too. You can find Alexia's corset here, or browse the underbust corsets in our corset guide to find a similar style.

This next piece of the costume is very important, so please pay attention: you cannot look like a badass vampire slayer in a pair of plain black leggings! The showstopping element of Alexia's outfit is her gothic lace up leggings with lace thigh panels. Once again Amazon to the rescue-- you can buy her leggings here, or this similar style with a lace panel front & lace up sides. You should also check out this and this simpler style with oval lace panels on the thighs. Actually, don't make your final decision until you've also looked at these, these, these, and these. See? We told you it was important.

Slaying can really do a number on your hands, so don't forget the fingerless gloves. To stay true to Alexia's costume you can go with these white ones, but we prefer the tougher look of this black pair with rivets (also available in white), or this simpler style which comes in brown or black.

If you already own a pair of brown or black leather lace up boots, make them new again (and look like Alexia's) by lacing them up with some gold ribbon. You can also swap the brown ribbon for gold on this pair of brown faux suede boots, or replace the laces on this pair of brown lace up military boots.

Alexia's keeps her look sexy with a choker. We like this lace choker with gears, or this Victorian style choker with a cameo. She also wears a pocket watch around her neck like a long necklace. And it may be hard to see in this photo, she has a pair of goggles on her head like these.

If you'd like a similar steampunk crossbow, check out these listings on etsy, or browse our tutorials and then try making your own!

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Cosplayer: Alexia Lovecraft
Photographer: Jose Fabri 

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