Saturday, November 26, 2016

I WANT IT! Holsters I Never Knew I Needed

I have a love for accessories (and accessorizing in general) but I've never owned holsters. I'm not into weapons so I just never had the need. Oh how stupid and naive I was.

Everything changed thanks to Pinterest, where I stumbled across a pin for the Etsy store Versalla and realized, "I totally need a leather holster for a folding fan!" I don't actually own a folding fan, but that's because I never had a holster to keep it in.

Steampunk leather folding fan holster to hang a foldable fan from your belt. Steampunk leather accessories for women.

And then-- a teacup and saucer holster! I'm not much of a tea drinker, but I never had a reason to be...until now!

Steampunk leather holster to hold your teacup and saucer for proper english cuppa tea. Leather teacup holder to hang from your belt and other leather steampunk accessories for men and women.

A whole new world is opening up to me! A world of props and accessories that are too big for my purse but can always be with me, dangling from my belt like a carpenter's tools.

A potion bottle holder? I'll fill it with a magical potion called vodka.

Leather potion bottle holster to hold potions and hang them from your belt. for scientist or alchemists or other cosplay. Leather steampunk LARP and cosplay accessories for men and women.

A leather tankard strap? A pocket watch holster? I'll take 'em both!

A steampunk leather tankard holster. To hold your beer tankard (beer mug) for hands free LARP and cosplay. Attaches to belt. a pocket for your pocket watch! this is a leather holster for your pocket watch and other jewelry. The pouch hangs from your belt. Steampunk leather accessoroies for men and women, for LARP and cosplay

Parasol holster? Yes!!!!

Leather parasol holster keeps your umbrella attached to your belt hands free. For steampunk cosplay or larp. Leather accessories for men and women.

A parasol holder that straps across your back? Oh my god just give it to me!!

A leather parasol holder that keeps your umbrella strapped to your back like a weapon. Steampunk leather accessories for men and women for LARP and cosplay.

My greatest adversary is the sun, and my only weapon is my parasol. Or, you know, going indoors. So I guess I still don't need a leather parasol holster across my back. But I want it. Versalla on Etsy

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