Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Message to Americans

Today is Tuesday, November 8th-- Election Day in the United States of America. We'd like to take a moment from the frivolity of fashion and parties to say something important to our fellow Americans:

If you are feeling uninspired by our presidential candidates and think you're going to sit this election out, please rethink this decision. Get up and cast a ballot today in honor of all of those who died for your right to have a voice in our government. Cast your ballot in honor of those who live in countries where they don't have the right to vote. Cast your ballot because there are politicians out there who are praying you stay home-- in fact, they're counting on it! Cast your ballot to say HELL NO to the people working to suppress your right to vote!

Voting, no matter who it's for, means you care about the future of our country. Our forefathers didn't fight for your apathy.

Remember, as long as you're standing in line by the time polls are set to close, they will stay open as late as necessary for you to vote.

Find your polling place
States that require employers give time off to vote
Report voter fraud
Report voter intimidation

UPDATED NOV. 12 2016

Holy shit, America! When I said told you to vote, I should have been more specific about who to vote for! WTF have you done?

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