Friday, October 28, 2016

From Gentleman to Vampire

Men's steampunk clothing inspiration. A dapper gentleman wears a hat, goggles, shirt, vest (Waistcoat) and pocketwatch. Victorian fashion or wedding suit.
Man in steampunk clothing. Black jacket, trousers, white ruffle shirt with black tie. His hair is slicked back and he carries a black umbrella. For gothic victorian fashion, steamgoth cosplay, halloween costume or neo-victorian steampunk clothes.
Men's Steampunk clothing and halloween costume inspiration. For neo-victorian, victorian gothic, steamgoth, and goth fashion. Black jacket with ruffle sleeves and monocle/goggle/eyepatch
Cosplayer: Arri Tucker Lund
Photographer: Tyson Vick
Clothing: OneDelightfulDay 

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