Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to Accessorize a Steampunk Outfit

Today we're excited to bring you a guest post by Riley Davis from RebelsMarket.com

Interested in steampunk?

It used to be a mere book genre that combines sci-fi and history – Victorian era, to be exact. But a lot of creative minds have taken a great liking at the clothing styles imagined through it and turned it into a new costume trend.

You can be a pirate, a mechanic, a zombie killer or any character you can think of. You simply have to don a 19th-century-inspired garb for the base, and then go loco with science-related additions you envision for the ensemble. Victorian for ‘steam’ and sci-fi for ‘punk’ – this is right concoction for a great steampunk outfit.

Now, the accessories you use need to speak for themselves. It will be a disappointment if you have to explain your style to others, as it means you didn’t do a good job at embellishing your steampunk outfit.

Start with the Boots

Knowing the perfect boots to match your outfit should be your first priority, as it will make it easier for you to decide the number of other trinkets you will wear. Include gears, nuts and buckles as well to transform your plain, ole shoes into amazingly punkish boots.

Move on to Belts, Vests and Corsets

Corsets are obviously for women only, but belts and vests are a fair game for everyone. And in all of these, leather is the staple material that you will want to get. Steampunk belt designs can have a simple gold buckle or an elaborate metal 

Then for the Hand Accessories…

Gloves and punk rings can greatly complement any costume. Imagine how your intricate rings or gloves can be appreciated even by the ones who know nothing about the style. Perhaps after seeing how well you accessorize a steampunk outfit, they will want to try wearing it too. Just summon up the ultimate rules for these: no cotton or wool gloves – only lace and/or leather with or without metallic accents; and bronze or gold rings, so as to match the steampunk flair.

Scarves are Not an Eyesore Either

Scarves have a unique ability to balance any attire – modern, classic or a mix of both. Nevertheless, you should stick to the ones in shades of green, brown, orange and other earthly colors, to give your steampunk outfit that old but unique vibe.

Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces

The Victorian-inspired jewelries are the most fascinating things you can find. They combine lace with golden or metallic chains and ornaments that can provide anyone with a grander appearance – something that not all other accessories are capable of doing. Also, because they are for a steampunk apparel, feel free to purchase the oddest one there is. Your main goal is to stand out, not to blend in, after all.

Goggles or Sunglasses

Steampunk goggles are interesting as well, because they are either for aviation or in the shape of the bottom of a bottle. Add spikes and nuts and bolts to them, and you already have a cool eye accessory. However, if you think your costume will not look good with goggles, then you may like sunglasses.

And How About Hats?

Top hats and small top hats are common head pieces for men and women, respectively. Yet, there is no rule that halts you from wearing bowlers or, if you are really artistic, creating your special hat that has never been seen before.

Other Accessories

Your accessorizing options for a steampunk outfit are infinite. You can wear metallic gas masks, or like that one that Hannibal has. You can also carry steampunk-inspired guns, wrenches, jetpacks and canes, among others.





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