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How to Recreate This Sexy Steampunk Outfit

This is one of many tutorials from our Recreate This Look series, but it is hands down the sexiest outfit we've tried to recreate. Our previous tutorials focused on Steampunk looks we'd describe as 'costumes' or 'cosplay', but we'd consider this more of an 'outfit'. This tutorial marks the start of plenty more Steampunk clothing/fashion ensembles that can easily transition into your regular wardrobe.
Black sheer sexy steampunk clothing and lingerie. Sheer black blouse, black corset, thigh high stockings, garter belt, knee high boots, bowler hat, goggles, harness and gun. Women's steampunk fashion.
While this outfit might seem a little risque to wear outside the house, there are some modifications that can make it completely workable in a public setting. Lets start by breaking this look down to its basic elements.

how to dress in a sexy sheer steampunk style; steampunk clothing for women

It looks navy blue in the lighting of the photo, but this is actually a black sheer blouse. The high neckline's ruffled collar and ruffles at the wrist give it a Victorian feel. Wear it over a black lace bra for a sexy peekaboo look. Jawbreaker Sheer Long Sleeve Black Shirt:

womens sheer black victorian blouse for gothic and steampunk fashion

Or try a sheer lace blouse, like one of these:

women's steampunk black blace button up victorian sheer blouse. women's steampunk neo-victorian clothing.
Gothic Lace Button Front Blouse By Banned
women's black lace steampunk victorian gothic blouse with bow tie neck and sheer lace. women's steampunk clothing.
Jawbreaker Vintage Lace Blouse


The basic black underbust corset in this photo may not seem necessary (as it's hidden by the brown leather corset harness), but without it, the sheer blouse would move around beneath the leather harness. The black corset keeps it flat against the body, so the shirt doesn't start to lift and move between the straps of the harness. This isn't a focal point of the outfit (the leather harness is the piece you're trying to show off), so just choose a simple corset that won't distract from the leather harness. Sexy Black Underbust Corset:

Womens black steampunk underbust corset bodice


The brown leather harness adds a rugged Steampunk feel to our all-black ensemble. Use the black underbust corset to prevent the sheer blouse from bunching up between the straps of the harness. Wide Strap Brown Underbust Harness:

womens steampunk accessories brown leather underbust harness

For a plus size harness, check out this Tan Leather Harness by Hips & Curves:

womens plus size leather harness corset bodice vest


Sometimes referred to as a "leg bag" or "thigh bag", this accessory adds some interest to the outfit. It also draws attention to the model's bare thigh, adding some more sex appeal to the look. The best part? You won't need to carry a purse! This bag can be worn a variety of ways, Rock Leather & Vintage Thigh Bag:

womens thigh bag leg bag utility belt bag purse steampunk

This one comes in a variety of colors. You can replace the fabric belt strap with a leather belt for a more authentic look. Le'aokuu Leather Messenger Hiking Waist Hip Bum Pack Drop Leg Bag:

Steampunk utility bag thigh bag leg bag waist strap


In the photo, the model appears to be wearing 2 thin brown leather belts. This creates a little extra visual interest in the space between where the corset harness ends and the belt of the utility thigh bag begins. It also helps camouflage the black underbust corset. You can use 2 belts, or this Skinny Solid Leather Double Wrap Belt:

womens brown leather double strap wrap belt for steampunk costume

Don't forget to tuck in your gun! With all those straps and your utility thigh bag, who needs a holster? Colonel J. Fizziwigs Steampunk Collection Pistol

steampunk gun prop toy accessory for costume cosplay LARP


The model doesn't appear to be wearing shorts in the photo. Depending on the event, black lace panties may be all you need. But if a little more modesty is required, here are a couple of ideas. Black Lace Ruffle Tanga Short:

womens black lace ruffle tanga short for sexy sheer steampunk outfit

For a little more coverage, try Slipshort Dance Shorts:

womens black dance shorts for sexy sheer steampunk cosplay


Nothing says sexy like a lace garter belt. Here's one with adjustable garter straps, Frisky Lace Garter Belt:

womens black lace garter belt for sexy sheer steampunk costume


Add some black sheer stockings, like these Sheer Pantyhose For Garters:

womens black sheer stockings lingerie for steampunk outfit


This sexy outfit is really all about the legs, so we continue drawing attention there with a pair of black leather over-the-knee boots. Keep them sleek and simple, like these Lustacious Women's Pointed Toe Thigh High Stiletto Boots:

womens black thigh high stiletto boots for sexy steampunk outfit


Continuing the Victorian influence, we top the look with a traditional black felt Bowler hat, also known as a Derby. Black Derby Hat:

black derby bowler hat for womens sexy sheer steampunk outfit


Finally, what is a Steampunk-inspired ensemble without the ubiquitous pair of goggles?  Sepia Cyber Goggles:

steampunk goggle accessory for womens sheer sexy steampunk outfit

For more guides like this, check out Recreate This Look. If you need shopping resources, visit the Where to Shop page.

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