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How to Recreate This Steampunk Catwoman Cosplay

Continuing our series of tutorials recreating Steampunk costumes, we bring you another popular photo from the Fashion Inspiration section: Steampunk Catwoman.

steampunk catwoman costume womens clothing plus size fashion
Cosplayer: Its Raining Neon / Photographer: DTJAAAAM

Lets break this costume down.

This is a cosplay of the newer version of DC Comics' Catwoman. Instead of the Michelle Pfeiffer/Halle Berry mask, this Catwoman wears a traditional hood-style cowl and a pair of goggles (kinda steampunk already). It's the style of Catwoman costume seen most recently in Arkham City and the tv show Gotham.

When you're cosplaying a well-known character, it can be hard to make significant changes to their costume without losing their overall identity. The last thing you want to hear is, "who are you supposed to be?" In this photo, our Steampunk Catwoman has managed to add a few Victorian elements to her costume, while keeping recognizable character details, like the whip and cat ear cowl. She also managed to maintain the sexiness of the character without resorting to the traditional full-body catsuit.

how to dress like steampunk catwoman; clothing and costumes for women


This style of Catwoman cowl is not easy to find. Most costume stores sell the tight rubber Catwoman masks with fake stitching that cover the eyes and head. Sometimes you can find some options on Etsy or Ebay, but it's pretty hit or miss.  Here is one option, although it requires 3-5 weeks process time: DC Comics Cosplay Prop - Catwoman Hat:
Steampunk Catwoman cowl mask hat
This version doesn't actually cover the head, but it still gives the appearance of Catwoman's cowl. It's a headband, so you could always try placing it over/under a black hood to give a similar look. Leg Avenue Femme Fatale Mask:

for use in steampunk catwoman costume cosplay: hat mask cowl


There are so many goggle options, but these appear to be the ones Steampunk Catwoman is wearing. Aluminum Welding Goggles:

Aluminum Welding Goggles for Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk clothing


Corsets are a staple of Steampunk fashion, and a great way to keep a character sexy. The brocade fabric of Catwoman's overbust corset adds some texture and depth to the black-on-black outfit. Feminine details like the ruffle ruched trim and ribbon tie front keep it flirty. This is the same corset Catwoman is wearing in the above photo. Satin Sweetheart Overbust Corset Bustier:
Overbust corset for use in Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, steampunk plus size clothing
If you're looking for a plus size corset in a similar style, try this Burlesque Plus Size Corset:


Adding a short bolero jacket or shrug (3/4 length to long sleeve) covers more skin to give that iconic catsuit feeling. Here's a gorgeous Gothic Lace Bolero Jacket by Banned:

Gothic bolero shrug as used in steampunk catwoman costume womens steampunk fashion

This is a great plus size option-- IGIGI Women's Plus Size Sydney Shrug:

Bolero or shrug as used in plus size steampunk catwoman costume womens plus size steampunk fashion


Add a sweet little pair of lace trim bloomers like these Lace Cotton Lolita Bloomers:

Bloomers as used in Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, steampunk fashion women

For plus size bloomers, check out these Lace & Bow Bloomers:

Plus size steampunk costume for women, steampunk catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk fashions


Bloomers show a lot of leg, so wear some pantyhose or tights to add some coverage and maintain the 'catsuit' feel. Here are the nylons Catwoman chose, Black Vertical Stripe Pantyhose:
Striped nylon tights for use in steampunk catwoman cosplay womens steampunk fashions
And for a cute pair of plus size nylons, try these Black Fishnet Pantyhose:

Plus Size fishnet pantyhose for use in steampunk catwoman cosplay, sexy plus size steampunk costumes


If your bolero or shrug is 3/4 length, cover up the rest of your arms (again, think 'catsuit') with Black Elbow Length Lace Gloves:

Black Lace Gloves for use in Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk clothing fashion


Finish off the look with a pair of sexy ankle booties. Choose a lace up pair to keep that Victorian influence. Military Lace Up Ankle Booties:

Steampunk Victorian Ankle Booties for use in Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk fashion


And finally, Catwoman just wouldn't be Catwoman without her bull whip:

Black leather whip for steampunk catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk fashion

For more guides like this, check out Recreate This Look. If you need shopping resources, visit the Where to Shop page.

Cosplayer: Its Raining Neon
Photographer: DTJAAAAM

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