Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I WANT IT! Victorian Ladies on a Sweater

Women's shirt with screenprint of 2 victorian ladies in gowns. victorian and steampunk fashion and clothing

Sometimes you want the world to know you're a sophisticated lady, even when you're not dressed like one. That's why I need this Decades of Decadence pullover sweatshirt from Modcloth. Classy, feminine, modest--I've got all that right here! In an image on my shirt.

2 Victorian Women in gowns screenprint on a sweatshirt by modcloth. women's steampunk clothing

Because grocery shopping in a corset and bustle is weird (or so people keep telling me). I want it!  Decades of Decadence pullover from Modcloth

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New Steampunk Event in South Africa!

A new event has been added to the 2017 calendar:

Reefsteamers Open Day
August 5 2017
Kempton Park, Gauteng
South Africa

Lovely Lady in Lace Up Gauntlets

steampunk woman wearing cool gauntlets, hat, skirt, belt, corset and other steampun clothing.
steampunk girl wearing sexy gauntlets, corset, tank top, hat, skirt, belt, and heels. Women's steampunk clothing and fashion.
Cosplayer: Stefano Dee
Photographer: Georgy Dyakov

Monday, July 17, 2017

Blue Two Tone Victorian Day Dress

Historically accurate victorian day dress in dark and light blue silk taffeta. matching gloves and hat. victorian costumes for women
Although Augustintytär considers herself an "amateur historical seamstress," her work is anything but amateur. This self-taught seamstress from Finland sews historical clothing as a hobby, with extreme dedication and attention to detail.

"I try my best to make faithful period reproductions within my abilities and resources. I also take great joy in sewing the entire outfit myself from shoes and stockings to hats and gloves."
Her work is stunningly accurate, as you can with this two tone blue Victorian day dress. It's based on a dress made by a professional dressmaker in the UK sometime during the 1870s. At that time fashion was moving away from fussier trimmings, as evidenced by the masculine tailoring in the cuffs and bodice.

Historically Accurate british UK Victorian Afternoon Dress from the 1870s, stored in a museum
Source: V&A Collections

Just as the original was made with two tones of blue silk, Augustintytär has followed suit with yards of silk taffeta in both light and dark blue. The piped sleeve seams, as well as all other finishing and trimmings, were hand-sewn.
Blue Victorian Day Dress in two tones of blue. Handmade from silk taffeta, historically accurate victorian fashion and costumes for women Historically accurate Victorian afternoon dress in two tones of blue silk fabric. Victorian costumes and clothing for women.
Even her hat is handmade, with a frame she hand sewed from buckram fabric. She covered it with grey silk taffeta and decorated it with bows made from grey and black striped silk taffeta. Her gloves were hand sewn from black leather.
Historically accurate blue silk two tone victorian day dress with matching hat and leather gloves. victorian costumes and clothing for women
To see more of Augustintytär's impressive work, check out her historical costuming blog Before the Automobile.

Cosplayer/costumer: Augustintytär

4 New Steampunk Events in California!

Four new events have been added to the 2017 calendar:

Costume College
July 27 - 31 2017
Woodland Hills, California

California State Fair Presents: Steampunk at the Races
July 28 2017
Sacramento, California

Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball XX
August 25 - 26 2017
Los Angeles, California

Comic Con Palm Springs
August 25 - 27 2017
Palm Springs, California

Saturday, July 8, 2017

2 New Steampunk Events in Tennessee!

Two new events have been added to the 2017 calendar:

July 29 - 30 2017
Bristol, Tennessee

Steampunk Riverboat Cruise
October 13 2017
Knoxville, Tennessee

Friday, July 7, 2017

2 New Steampunk Events in Sweden!

Two new events have been added to the 2017 calendar: 

NärCon 2017
July 27 - 30 2017
Linköping, Sweden

Comic Con Stockholm 2017
September 15 - 17 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4 New Steampunk Events in England and Scotland!

Four new events have been added to the 2017 calendar: 

MCM Manchester Comic Con
July 29 - 30 2017
Manchester, England

MCM Scotland Comic Con
September 23 - 24 2017
Glasgow, Scotland

MCM London Comic Con
October 27 - 29 2017
London, England

MCM Birmingham Comic Con
November 18 - 19 2017
Birmingham, England