Cage Skirts

The invention of the cage crinoline during the Victorian era allowed women's dresses to maintain a full shape without layers and layers of heavy petticoats. They could actually move their legs freely beneath the hoops. Just like Steampunk's penchant for corsets as outerwear, a modern version of the cage crinoline is popular as a skirt style. Some women wear lingerie or bloomers underneath the cage for a sexier outfit, others let the cage peek out beneath a shorter overskirt to create visual interest.

Steampunk cage skirts are inspired by victorian era cage crinoline petticoat hoop skirts Open front white hoop skirt cage crinoline petticoat with white open front tiered flounce overskirt
Steampunk hoop skirts and cage skirts from victorian era cage crinoline petticoats, now popular in women's steampunk fashion. women's steampunk cage skirts and hoop skirts are like victorian era hoop petticoats, cage crinoline
Steampunk cage skirts and hoop skirts, like victorian era cage crinoline petticoats, this is still a popular silhouette. Steampunk women's skirts with hoops or cage petticoats are derivative of victorian era cage crinoline hoop petticoats

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Collective Chaos Black
LePetite Cage Skirt
Collective Chaos Black
Alice Cage Skirt
Collective Chaos Dome Black Hoop Cage Skirt
Gothic Birdcage Steel Petticoat & Chiffon Mini
Gothic Birdcage Steel Petticoat & Chiffon Mini

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Plus Size Hoop Skirt - Black
Plus Size Hoop Skirt - White

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