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Amazon.com (UK \ CA) - It might come as a surprise, but Amazon has a huge variety of Steampunk clothing and accessories. From women's corsets and skirts, to men's trousers and vests, there's a ton of Steampunk clothing. Shop for goggles, hats, toy blaster guns, leather harnesses, gauntlets, bracers, jewelry and almost any other Steampunk accessory. You can also pick up DIY essentials like small metal gears, loupe lenses, skeletons keys, bronze chains and sewing patterns. The clothing and accessories sold here are not necessarily as unique or high quality as other stores on our list, but they're almost always the cheapest. Amazon recently launched a 'Handmade' division as a direct competitor to Etsy, and that's worth checking out too: Amazon.com/Handmade. International shipping available on most items.
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ToBeAPirate.com - Don't be dissuaded by the name--this store is more than just men and women's pirate gear. Their Steampunk section includes women's skirts, trousers, dresses, blouses and jackets in traditional Victorian styles. Their men's steampunk clothing includes shirts, vests/waistcoats, trousers, jackets and coats. They also carry gypsy and medieval/renaissance clothing and accessories, some of which can be re-purposed into a Steampunk costume. And of course the pirate clothing is perfect if you're putting together a Steampunk Sky Pirate or Buccaneer costume! US based store, offers international shipping.

BlueBanana.com - This well-known UK alternative fashion retailer carries a ton of men and women's steampunk and gothic clothing, but our favorites are their military-inspired coats, waistcoats & cravats in cool patterns, and men's shirts in styles we haven't seen anywhere else. You'll also find a huge selection of jewelry, masks, hats, and other accessories. You can also pickup special fx contact lenses, makeup, and hair dye. UK based store, offers international shipping.

AngelClothing.co.uk - We love the huge selection of men's and women's steampunk clothing at this Alternative & Gothic store. For women there are a ton of gorgeous corsets, blouses, capes, jackets, and skirts, including items from Kato's much sought after Steampunk Couture brand. For men there's a variety of waistcoats, coats, pants, and even kilts! They also carry every accessory you need, from walking canes to goggles and jewelry. UK based store, offers international shipping.

WardrobeShop.com - This shop sells women's vintage inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories, so it's a great source for Victorian appropriate pieces. Check out their leather lace-up Victorian shoes & boots, long skirts & petticoats, bloomers, and classic high neck blouses. Their Victorian vests make a comfortable alternative to binding corsets. We also love their delicate Victorian jewelry. Save yourself some time and search their store using the keyword 'Victorian' by clicking here. US based store, offers international shipping.

VictorianTradingCo.com - This store specializes in 'Nouveau Victorian Gifts & Collectibles', but it's their women's clothing and accessories that we're most excited about. You must check out their delicate blouses, scarves, wraps and great selection of hats. We also love their lace parasols and fans, gloves, beautiful jewelry, and unique purses. These are romantic Victorian influenced pieces that can be easily integrated into your everyday wardrobe, in addition to being part of a Steampunk costume. Lots of Victorian themed gift and collectible items as well. US based store, offers international shipping.

Pretty-Attitude.com - If your taste in Steampunk tends toward the gothic Victorian, this is the store for you. Women's velvet and brocade jackets, sexy leggings, and Victorian inspired jewelry abound. They ship from warehouses in the USA, UK, & Europe for fast delivery worldwide.

HipsAndCurves.com - Steampunk plus size clothing is not always easy to find, which is what makes this store so great! This plus size lingerie boutique carries the biggest selection of plus size corsets we've ever seen! They also have essential underpinnings like petticoats, bloomers, and a cage skirt we're obsessed with. They carry gorgeous steampunk plus size costumes and accessories (like leather harnesses, corset straps, and skirt hiker upper straps). US based store, offers international shipping.

American-Duchess.com - This women's shoe company specializes in reproductions of historical footwear, and they are incredible at it. Their Victorian & Edwardian shoes are not only historically accurate, but also well-made and comfortable to wear. These are gorgeous, quality shoes that you'll have around for a long time, not a cheap pair of costume boots (no offense to cheap costume boots, which have their place too). US based store, offers international shipping.

DiscountStripper.com - You know what we said about cheap costume boots having their place? Well this is it! We don't know why, but this store has a huge selection of women's Victorian boots. Find ankle, mid-calf, and knee high lace up Victorian boots in many colors and styles. If you want something a little more modern, check out their sexy Steampunk heels and boots. They also have a decent amount of corsets and wigs-- all at discount stripper prices, of course. US based store, offers international shipping.

1928.com - This store specializes in affordable antique and vintage style jewelry, so they have a ton of gorgeous Victorian style pieces. Cameo necklaces, filigree barrettes, jeweled brooches, chandelier earrings, and much more. Just search 'Victorian' in the search bar at the top of the site, or click here. US based store, offers international shipping.

Etsy.com - Etsy is always worth checking out. You'll find everything from original complete costumes, to handmade leather accessories, to jewelry making supplies. Sellers cover all range of price points, so you're likely to find something that fits your budget (along with amazing pieces to blow your entire paycheck on). Sellers are located all over the world and most offer international shipping.

SteampunkFashionGuide's Curated Etsy List

Etsy has so many sellers that search results can be overwhelming, so we've put together our own list of shops with great clothing/accessories and glowing customer reviews. In the interest of keeping this curated to SFG's taste, we do not accept submissions to this list.

  • SilverLeafCostumes - Stunning handmade costumes for men and women, including steampunk-inspired superhero & villain costumes. Even Guillermo del Toro shops here! US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • RomanticThreads - Specializing in vintage reproduction, victorian, medieval and renaissance gowns & wedding dresses. Every dress is our dream dress, especially the replicas from Interview with the Vampire, Dracula, & Gothic Sleeping Beauty. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • DressArtMystery - Beautiful Victorian & Steampunk costumes for women (and a few for men) with lots of thoughtful details and embellishments. Shop based in Ukraine, offers international shipping.
  • Auralynne - Lovely Neo-Victorian women's costumes and gowns dripping in lace and flounce, with over 1,000 stellar reviews from very happy customers. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • Romany Rapture - Men's and women's Steampunk separates, as well as complete costumes, made from luscious fabrics. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • DASOWL/dashandbag - Colorful and unique men's and women's Steampunk clothing made from gorgeous silk brocades and tapestry cloth. We are in love with these colorful fabrics! US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • KMKDesigns - Beautiful Steampunk and Neo-Victorian clothing for men and women (including plus sizes). They specialize in wedding apparel and custom work, but also have some lovely casual pieces. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • MeschantesCorsetry - Specializing in beautiful ready to wear & custom corsetry, this shop's corsets have been seen in Playboy, Vogue, & People magazine. Selection includes vegan leather and suede corsets, & plus sizes. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • BruteForceStudios - Some of the most unique leather corsets, bracers, bras, & other accessories, we've ever seen. Makers of the Superior Replacement Arm worn by Nathan Fillion on Castle (buy your own here). US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • Versalla - Leather holsters for weapons, parasols, folding fans, teacup & saucer, potion bottles, scrolls, pocket watches, & tankards. Leather pouches, bracers, and skirt hikes. Skilled leatherwork at affordable prices. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • SteampunkDesign - They may not be cheap, but if you're looking for high end goggles and monocles that are wearable works of art (think brass telescoping lenses and working iris aperture shutters), this is the shop for you. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • BrazenDevice - Here you'll find handmade leather & brass goggles, unique leather Steampunk helmets, and cool mechanical insects to display. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • SteampunkandSCA - This Steampunk and SCA artisan makes beautiful leather & brass bracers (aka vambrace), goggles, helmets, masks and gas masks. US based shop, offers international shipping. 
  • SteampunkMasks - This expert leather-maker creates amazing Steampunk and Dieselpunk leather top hats, plague doctor masks, aviator helmets, respirator masks, goggles, armor, and more. Shop based in Romania, offers international shipping.
  • HarlotsandAngels - This experienced seamstress sells downloadable PDFs of her patterns so you can print and DIY at home, as well as paper patterns that can be shipped. She also sells some costume pieces, leather accessories and LED illuminated meter and gauge boxes than can be hung from a corset or belt. UK based shop, offers international shipping.
  • AtomFashion - Techno-industrial, post-apocalypse, Cyberpunk, and Steampunk leather accessories. Leather bracers, watches, goggles, harnesses, bracelets, hip bags, messenger bags, notebooks, backpacks, utility belts, and more. Shop based in Russia, offers international shipping.
  • MinistryofMasks - Unbelievably awesome and original collector-quality latex masks! Check out the Steampunk diving helmet/mask, Dark Knight cowl, Steampunk robot, plague doctor masks, post-apocalyptic gas masks and the crazy Cthulhu masks! UK based shop, offers international shipping.
  • Mann&Co - Exquisitely made Steampunk/Dieselpunk leather goods with a militarized style, made by a talented husband & wife design team. Even the stitching is beautiful! Leather masks, goggles, bowler and aviator hats, bracers, amazing gauntlet, and more. Shop based in Russia, offers international shipping.
  • FantasyFuzion - Awesome leather top hats with hat bands containing trinkets like glass vials and little satchels (you have to see them to understand).  Leather tricorn airship hats, satchels, holsters, eye patches, and more. Shop based in Canada, offers international shipping.
  • Thousandformed - Unique, high-end Steampunk goggles made from leather, brass and glass. Features like overhead straps and strange brass fixtures make each piece an original. Their leather and brass masks are just as cool and weird. Shop based in Russia, offers international shipping.
  • ApocalypseHardware - Huge leather and machined metal Steampunk/Dieselpunk goggles. The cool leather wrist cuffs with machined aluminum hinges have an industrial/goth feel. They also have Dieselpunk plague doctor and gas masks. US based shop, offers international shipping.
  • TheBlondeSwan - This hat boutique sells a variety of interesting Steampunk hats and goggles. Bowlers, top hats, engineer's caps, unique pilot caps (these were our fave), mini toppers, riding hats, and more. US based shop, offers international shipping. 
  • DesignsByFriston - Unique and beautiful Steampunk jewelry, from brooches/pins, necklaces and earrings, to headbands and cuff links. Well-crafted pieces from an experienced jewelry designer with almost 3000 etsy sales. US based shop, offers international shipping. 
  • BronzeSmith - Professional metal artist specializing in bronze and copper masks, jewelry and other adornments. We love the bronze octopus tentacle hair sticks, delicate bronze sculpted monocles and stunning octopus necklace. This seller has designed for Dior and Cirque Du Soleil! US based shop, offers international shipping.